Iran is eyeing an attack on Israel’s F-35 base as it innovates on its missiles

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard imagined for a moment what it would be like destroying the fleet of F-35 aircraft of its arch-enemy Israel. And he has come to the conclusion that he is qualified to do it.

In a worrying exercise carried out this Tuesday with surface-to-surface missiles Emad and Qader model, Tehran simulated this Destruction of the Israeli air base at Palmachimthe main location for F-35 fighter jets.

This base is one of the Israeli Air Force’s main operations centers, serving as a launch platform for the Arrow anti-missile missile and one of the headquarters of its powerful F-35.

According to the Mehr news agency and reports from Europa Press, the rockets were fired, model Emad, liquid fuel, They have improved warheads and destroy their targets at a distance of around 1,700 kilometers with a margin of error of four meters.

First launch of a long-range ballistic missile from a warship

This test comes hours after the test by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy For the first time, a long-range ballistic missile was fired from a warship in the Gulf of Omanin the Indian Ocean, which “successfully” reached its destination in the central desert of Iran.

Guard Commander-in-Chief Hosein Salami said on Monday that the launch was carried out by a warship, specifically the Shahid Mahdavi, and that “this new achievement” had strengthened Iranian naval power.

He The missile fired had a range of more than 750 kilometersHowever, according to several Iranian news agencies, the ship has the capacity to carry all types of projectiles that can travel up to 1,700 kilometers. The tests come amid rising tensions over Israel’s offensive in the Gaza Strip following attacks by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on October 7 that killed 1,200 people.

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A powerful “floating base” in the hands of Iran

The transatlantic ship “Shahid Mahdavi” was launched last March one of the jewels of the Iranian Navy, built entirely in their shipyards. It was added to its fleet along with 99 missile launch boats.

It is a heavy, versatile ship with long range and can Transporting all types of helicopters, drones and missiles. With a length of 240 meters and a width of 27 meters, this ocean-going warship weighs more than 2,100 tons and is equipped with advanced radar equipment such as three-dimensional phased array radar. Sea-to-surface and sea-to-air missile systems, including the Khordad-3, and advanced telecommunications systemssays the specialist portal Al Manar.

“Shahid Mahdavi warship It’s like a floating base “capable of carrying out oceanic missions … to provide lasting security in the maritime lines of communication and to provide assistance to the commercial and fishing fleets of the Islamic Republic and the countries of the region,” the Iranian Navy commander said on the day of his inaugural presentation.

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