Home World Iran has admitted to supplying drones to Russia

Iran has admitted to supplying drones to Russia

Iran has admitted to supplying drones to Russia

Tehran: Iran has admitted to supplying drones to Russia.

According to the details, Iran has confirmed for the first time that it has sold drones to Russia, but Iran says the drones were delivered “months” before the war in Ukraine began.

Speaking to reporters after an event in Tehran on Saturday, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian referred to claims by Western officials that Moscow had been supplied with Iranian drones and surface-to-surface missiles to attack Ukraine. Missiles are also being given.

Amirabdullahyan said that the comments about the missiles are completely wrong, while the drones are correct, because we provided a limited number of drones to Russia months before the war in Ukraine.

Note that Iranian officials have said on several occasions in the past that Tehran has ‘defense’ cooperation with Russia, but has not supplied the Kremlin with weapons ‘intended to be used in the war in Ukraine’.

Amir Abdullahian reiterated on Saturday that Iran does not support any side in the war, and that it is open to talks with Ukraine.

He said that we have urged the Ukrainian authorities to provide us with evidence of the use of Iranian drones by Russia in the war in Ukraine.

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