Iran: general fuel supply failure due to cyber attack

The distribution of fuel was interrupted in all service stations in Iran on Tuesday, due to “a disruption in the computer system”. The authorities then claimed that it was a cyber attack.

“The Supreme National Security Council confirmed that it was a cyberattack on the computer fuel distribution system,” Iranian state television said, adding that “the details of the attack and its origin is under investigation ”.

According to the American agency Associated Press, officials from the Petroleum Ministry immediately held an “emergency meeting” to resolve the technical issue. Since Tuesday morning, the distribution of fuel has been completely interrupted in the Islamic Republic, creating gigantic queues near gas stations throughout the country. In Tehran, the capital, the services of the Ministry of Petroleum have deactivated the computer system in some gas stations in order to be able to distribute fuel manually.

The government says it has “no plan to increase the price of gasoline and people shouldn’t worry,” Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi promised, interviewed by the public broadcaster.

The attack has not yet been claimed, but bears similarities to a previous cyberattack on Iran’s rail network in August, according to the Associated Press, although the Iranian transport ministry at the time denied. have been the target of a cyberattack. Iranian news agency Fars, for its part, made the connection between this attack and the anniversary of November 15, 2019, the date on which violent protests erupted in Iran after the announcement of the rise in gasoline prices.

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