Iran denies involvement in the attack that killed three US soldiers on the Syria-Jordanian border

He Foreign Ministry spokesmanIranian Naser Kananí said his country was not involved “in the operations of resistance groups in the region,” as they claim United States and United Kingdom.

“These statements are made political goals “I am making a deliberate effort to reverse the realities in the region and am being influenced by third parties, including the child-killing Zionist regime (Israel),” he said Kananiaccording to IRNA.

Iran has no connection or anything to do with the attack on a US base

Three US soldiers killed in drone attack

The President of the United States, Joe BidenHe assured that three American soldiers were killed in a drone strike in the northeast Jordannear the border Syriaalthough the Jordanian government stated that the action took place outside its territory and targeted the base of Al Tanf.

25 American soldiers were injured in the attack

“While we are still in the process of gathering the facts about it strokeWe know it was carried out by radical militant groups supported by Iran, which operates there Syria And Iraq“Biden said in a statement.

The militia Al Nujabaone of the most famous of the Islamic resistance in Iraq, celebrated in a statement several attacks the group carried out today against U.S. positions in Syria and Iraq, including one against the Al-Tanf base in Syria, “which left more than 100,000 people dead and injured.” 50 soldiers American.”

This is the first time since the outbreak of war Gaza Strip that American soldiers die from attacks by pro-Iranian militias Iraqwho have carried out more than a hundred actions against US positions in Iraq and Syria since the beginning of the conflict.

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Iran is the leader of the so-called Axis of Resistance, an informal alliance made up of militant organizations such as: HezbollahThe rebels Houthisthe Islamist movement Hamas and Islamic Jihad and other groups.

Tehran denies that these actors act under their influence assignments and ensures that they make decisions for themselves.

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