Home World Iran announces it will exchange ten prisoners with the USA

Iran announces it will exchange ten prisoners with the USA

Iran announces it will exchange ten prisoners with the USA

Iran and the United States will exchange five prisoners from each country this Monday. as soon as the transmission starts Taste good $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds, the Iranian government reported.

“Five Iranian citizens detained in the United States will be released and five American citizens will return to the United States,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Naser Kananí said. The diplomat stated that two of them Iranian citizens will return to Persian land, Two others will remain in the United States and the fifth will travel to a third country.

According to regional media American prisoners Siamak Namazi, Emad Shargi, Morad Tahbaz and two other unidentified people will be transported to Qatar in the early afternoon.

The prisoner exchange takes place once Transfer of $6 billion belonging to Tehran blocked in South Korea Part of the agreement reached by Tehran and Washington in early August.

The United States approved a waiver to release funds from debts Seoul incurred to buy gas from Iran, and the money was transferred to several accounts in Qatar. The USA has guaranteed this Iran will not have “direct” access to the billions of dollars, which can only be used for “strictly humanitarian” purposes..

Hours before announcing the prisoners’ release, the Iranian president said, Ebrahim Raisi, According to media in the Persian country, he traveled to New York this Monday to address the UN Assembly, where he is expected to hold a press conference.

Iran is accused of using dual nationality prisoners and foreigners as leverage or to exchange prisoners with other states, a practice described as “Hostage diplomacy” from other countries and human rights organizations.

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