Batsmen have always been dominated in the IPL. Many batsmen have cemented their place in their national team by performing well in the IPL. It is worth noting that in the IPL, the batsmen who score the most runs in a season get the orange cap. So let us know which batsmen have won the Orange Cap since the start of IPL.

Shaun Marsh holds the record for winning the Orange Cap for the first time in IPL. He won the Orange Cap in 2008 by scoring the highest 616 runs.

For the second year in a row, the Australian batsman was seen in the IPL. During this, Chennai Super Kings player Matthew Hayden scored the highest 572 runs and got the orange cap.

Sachin Tendulkar captured the Orange Cap in IPL 2010. He was the first Indian batsman to win the Orange Cap. During this, he scored 618 runs while playing for the Mumbai Indians.

In this season, Gayle surprised everyone with her performance. He scored the most runs this season. He scored 608 runs while playing for Chris Gayle’s RCB.

Gayle’s strength was seen once again in the 2012 IPL season. In this season, he scored a season-high 733 runs while playing for RCB.

In the year 2013, Chennai Super Kings batsman Michael Hussey performed brilliantly. During this, he captured the Orange Cap by scoring 733 runs.

Robin Uthappa had scored the most runs in the IPL in 2014. He scored 660 runs while playing for KKR.

In 2015, fans got to see a different avatar of David Warner. In this season, David Warner scored 562 runs while creating a panic and captured the Orange Cap.

Virat Kohli was seen in 2016 He scored 973 runs this season. This is the most runs scored by any batsman in the IPL so far.

In 2017, he once again captured the Orange Cap. During this, he scored 641 runs while playing for Hyderabad.

Kane Williamson became Hyderabad’s captain after David Warner was banned for a year. In the 2018 IPL season, he did not let the team feel the lack of David Warner. He scored 735 runs this season.

David Warner’s return to IPL was also strong. In the 2019 IPL season, he scored 692 runs and won the Orange Cap.

The IPL 2020 season was in the name of KL Rahul. He won the Orange Cap by scoring 670 runs.

The IPL 2021 season was exclusively owned by Ruturaj Gaikwad. This young batsman from Chennai had won the Orange Cap by scoring 635 runs.


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