IPL Playoffs 2023: A loss will spoil the game for these teams

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RCB and CSK must win to advance to the playoffs

IPL 2023 Qualifiers: IPL 2023 has now almost reached its final stage. The league stage is about to end. The playoff games will be played from May 23. However, the four playoff teams have yet to be decided. Like last year, this time also the defending champions Gujarat Titans reached the quarter-finals first. The main fight for the remaining three places is between four teams. At the same time, there are three teams that are still waiting for each other’s defeat. That is, in total, there is a battle between seven teams for the three remaining playoff spots. Of these seven, 3 teams will be able to score a maximum of 14 points. Where two teams can reach a maximum of 16 points, then two teams can also reach 17-17 points. Currently, the Gujarat Titans are on top with 18 points. That means no one can beat him now.

Now according to the equation that is being made, only the team that reaches a maximum of 16 points can go to the playoffs here. From here you can have a clear picture in each of the remaining games. In the 65th match, RCB will face Sunrisers Hyderabad on Thursday. Hyderabad is already out of the last 4 race. At the same time, RCB have to win every match to easily reach the quarterfinals on their own. That is, if RCB wins today, then they will still be in the playoff race. Otherwise, Hyderabad’s win may ruin the game for Virat Kohli’s team. In such a situation, RCB will have to rely on the defeat of other teams.

What are the equations for qualifying for the playoffs?

The Gujarat Titans team has reached the last 4 i.e. the playoffs. Now the battle is between Lucknow, RCB, Mumbai and Chennai. Of these, it is believed that the arrival of any of the three teams is certain. But if these teams lose their penultimate match, then the hopes of teams like KKR, Rajasthan and Punjab Kings will also come to life. Currently, the figure of 16 is being considered as the final standard for qualifying for the playoffs. But if RCB lose both of their matches or lose one, then the matter may also get stuck at 14. In this situation, the team consisting of RCB, Rajasthan, Punjab and KKR who win their last match and have a better run rate will go to the playoffs with 14 points.

LSG, Bombay Indians

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Win is also required for LSG and Mumbai Indians

Which team has how many chances?

For starters, CSK has to play its last league game against Delhi. If the team wins here, it will definitely make it to the playoffs. If CSK is also surprised by Delhi like Punjab, they may have to wait until the last picture. At the same time, the Lucknow Super Giants stage is also similar. He also has to play the last match against KKR. If they win, then the playoffs, otherwise they will also have to wait. Chennai and Lucknow have 15-15 points. Mumbai Indians will play their last game against Sunrisers on Sunday. A win there can earn the team a ticket to the playoffs. If CSK and Lucknow win the match. And RCB wins the two remaining games. So Mumbai and RCB can come in with 16-16 points. In this situation, you can also see the net run rate game.

On the other hand, the rest of Rajasthan, KKR and Punjab will have to wish for RCB to lose both of their matches and for the Sunrisers to do wonders after RCB and Mumbai also lick the dust. In such a situation, the qualifying path can be opened for the teams with 14-14 points for the last place. But even there you will see the net run rate. There is also an equation that if RCB and Mumbai win their remaining matches, both teams will have 16-16 points. In this condition, on the other hand, Chennai and Lucknow lose their last matches. In that case, only a team from Chennai or Lucknow will be able to go to the playoffs. Only 15-15 brands of both will remain in that situation. That is, the game is still completely open. It may be too early to say that apart from Gujarat any team will surely go.

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