IPL Auction 2022: Equal opportunities for all teams in the IPL auction: Saba Karim

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  • Former Indian batsman wicketkeeper Saba Karim made a big statement ahead of the IPL auction
  • Equal opportunities for all teams in IPL auction: Saba Karim
  • A good mix of experienced and new players is essential: Saba Karim

Former Indian batsman wicketkeeper Saba Karim has made a big statement ahead of the IPL auction. According to Saba, this year’s IPL auction has a level playing field for all teams, making it a great opportunity for domestic cricketers.

“We have to take a flexible approach,” said Qarib, head of talent search for the team at Delhi Capitals, in a press release. Having key players gives the team an advantage as seven of the 11 are national players. You also have four foreign players, so all teams have equal chances. All eyes will be on the national talent. This will create a healthy environment for domestic cricketers.” Delhi has retained Pant, Axar Patel, Prithvi Shaw and Anrich Norkea. “We have retained four players in the squad. We would like to add more match winners so that a team can be formed. good team.

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We tell you that the IPL auction will take place in Bangalore on February 12 and 13. This time two new teams have been included in IPL, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. The Delhi team reached the final in 2020 and played the playoffs last year. Players like Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant and Ravichandran Ashwin have been the driving force behind the team’s success over the last three seasons.

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