Match 58 of IPL 2022 was played between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals on Wednesday. DC won this match by 8 wickets and stayed in the play-off race. Something happened in the second inning of the game that surprised everyone. A ball from Rajasthan Royals spin bowler Yuzvendra Chahal hit the stump, the stump light also turned red, but David Warner was not delivered. This Chahal ball wasn’t even a no ball. Warner was actually saved from going to the pavilion thanks to the 29.1.1 rules of cricket. So what is the last rule, in this news we are going to talk about it.

According to the Laws of Cricket 29.1.1, a batsman may be turned over only if the bails fall off due to the ball hitting the stump or the stump being ripped off the ground. Rajasthan Royals bowler Chahal’s ball hit the stump, of course the stump light was also on, but neither the bails had fallen nor was the stump ripped from the ground. In such a situation, the referee on the field did not release Delhi Capitals starter David Warner. After this, Warner returned to the pavilion only after the end of the match.

After playing first, Rajasthan Royals went 160 for 6 in 20 overs thanks to R Ashwin’s half-century. In response, Delhi Capitals easily chased the target in 18.1 overs. Mitchell Marsh played an 89-run winning inning for Delhi. During this, 5 fours and 7 sixes came off Marsh’s bat. At the same time, David Warner came back undefeated with 52 runs.

Chasing Rajasthan’s target of 161 runs, Delhi’s start was not good. In the first over, opener KS Bharat came out without opening the account. After this, David Warner and Mitchell Marsh were batting carefully. After the power play, Delhi’s score was just 38 runs to a wicket. Then there seemed to be some excitement in the match, but after that, Marsh broke up with the Rajasthan bowlers.

Marsh played an explosive inning of 89 runs on 62 balls. During this, 5 fours and 7 sixes came off his bat. On the other hand, David Warner posted an unbeaten 52-for-41 shooting while he played comfortably. His bat hit 5 fours and a six. There was a 144-run partnership between these two for the second wicket. At the same time, captain Rishabh Pant came back undefeated with 13 runs on 4 balls helped by two sixes.


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