Home Sports IPL 2023 Points Table: RCB and RR are ahead of MI

IPL 2023 Points Table: RCB and RR are ahead of MI

IPL 2023 Points Table: RCB and RR are ahead of MI

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IPL 2023 MI, RCB, RR Net Run Rate NRR: Playoffs i.e. Best Teams in IPL 2023. Right now in the IPL the atmosphere has become such that there is a fight for every point. There are only six league matches left in the IPL this year, but the playoff outlook is unclear. Barring the Gujarat Titans, the remaining seven teams are still considered in the running. The special thing is that no team is willing to give up and bow down. In the meantime, the numbers thing is understandable, in the coming days, you can see a huge net run rate impact on IPL. From the picture being made now, it seems that the four teams in the playoffs will be decided on the basis of points, as well as the net run rate will play a huge role. In such a situation, it is also very important to know and understand what the net run rate of which team is.

Gujarat Titans not affected by net run rate, team place confirmed at number one

Gujarat Titans is the only team sitting quietly at the moment. Defeat and victory will no longer affect your health. Now it has also been decided that even if Gujarat Titans loses the next match, she will remain at number one, there is no one to shake her from there. The team has 18 points and even if the last ones win, they will be able to have a maximum of 17 points. Alongside this, it has also been decided that Gujarat Titans, captained by Hardik Pandya, will be seen playing the first qualifier, who will be facing him is yet to be decided. By the way, now Gujarat will not be affected much by Net Runrate, but it will still be known for information. GT’s net run rate is currently 0.835, which is positive. But the rest of the teams are going to have a lot more impact than the net runrate.

Mumbai Indians may be affected by Net Run Rate, RCB and RR before then

The CSK team currently sits at number two with 15 points from 13 games and has a net run rate of 0.381, while LSG have also scored 15 points. His net run rate is 0.304. Even after the points are equal, CSK is at number two due to net run rate. After this, the talk of Mumbai Indians, the team is currently sitting at number four with 14 points, but their net run rate is -0.128, which is to say at least, this is the biggest concern for the team. RCB may be at number five and out of the top 4, but their net run rate is higher than MI. RCB’s net run rate is 0.166. At the same time, Rajasthan Royals, who are ranked number six, also have 12 points and their net run rate is 0.140. Meaning, if Mumbai lost their match and Rajasthan RCB won and the points were level, then nothing could be worse for the Mumbai Indians. However, the first priority of the Mumbai Indians will be to win the match and then the team will try to win by a wide margin, so that if a case gets stuck later, it does not affect MI. That is, the playoff statistics have become very interesting, and in the coming days this battle may be even more interesting.

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