IPL 2023 Orange Purple Cap: Big roster change

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Virat Kohli faf du plessis

IPL 2023 Orange Purple Cap Holder: There are frequent changes to the IPL points table. Seven out of ten teams breathe with great expectation. Now, the excitement of IPL has reached that stage, where not only one’s own performance but also other teams’ performance has to be monitored. The number of teams contending for the playoffs is increasing and no one is willing to give up. Meanwhile, where there has been a change in the points table after RCB’s win over SRH, the orange and purple caps are also seeing drastic changes. Former RCB captain Virat Kohli has scored his first century as a player in the IPL. After this, there is a stampede atmosphere between the Orange Cap contenders. However, after this match, there has been no change to the Purple Cap roster.

More runs in IPL 2023 on behalf of Duplesey, Virat Kohli jumped

The batsman who scores the most runs in the IPL is awarded the orange cap. It changes after every match and the cap also keeps moving back and forth. After the tournament is over, the player who tops the list receives the final cap. Meanwhile, RCB’s Virat Kohli may have scored a century, but his captain Faf Duplesey still remains number one on this list. Not only that, after playing a good innings against Sunrisers Hyderabad, now his lead has increased a lot and it looks like it won’t be easy to beat them. Speaking of this era, Faf Duplesey has scored 702 runs in 13 matches. He is the only batsman to score more than 700 runs this year. The extent of his advantage in this matter can be understood from the fact that the number two batsman doesn’t even have 600 runs. That is to say, it seems almost impossible to beat them in the league stage. At number two is Gujarat Titans Shubman Gill, who has 576 runs in 13 matches. After this comes the number of Yashasvi Jaiswal, who has 575 runs in 13 matches. Meanwhile, after scoring a century, Virat Kohli has now moved from number five to number four. Virat Kohli has scored 538 runs in 13 matches. At the same time, CSK opener Dwayne Conway has now slipped to number five. He has 498 runs in 13 matches. While Suryakumar Yadav has now moved to number six and has dropped out of the top 5.

Mohammed Shami retains possession of Purple Cap, Rashid Khan at number two

Talking about the bowler who took the most wickets, there hasn’t been any significant change. There, Mohammed Shami of Gujarat Titans occupies the number one position. He still has 23 wickets in 13 matches while Rashid Khan also has 23 wickets in as many matches but Shami’s economy is better than Rashid’s so he is number one. Following this comes the number of Yuzvendra Chahal, who has taken 21 wickets in 13 matches and is ranked number three. At number four is Piyush Chawla, who has 20 wickets to his name. Varun Chakraborty remains at number five with 19 wickets in 13 matches. Nothing has changed here. However, with the type of war that exists between Shami and Rashid, it is possible to change at any time.

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