IPL 2023 GT vs CSK: What will Ahmedabad weather be like on final day, how will the result be when it rains?

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IPL 2023 GT vs. CSK

The final match of IPL 2023 will be played on Sunday, May 28 between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. The rain crisis looms over this match again. In this match to be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, there may be some disturbance due to rain. Previously, the Qualifier 2 played at this ground was also hampered by rain and the start of the match was delayed by half an hour. Now, once again, there is a threat of rain in the final game. The most important question is also that if the match is canceled due to rain, who will be the winner?

Chennai Super Kings will face Gujarat in the final match. This is the second straight Finals for the Titans. At the same time, CSK has reached the final for the tenth time – a record. The weather forecast for this match may increase the concern of the fans. That means there is a threat of rain in this match. If we talk about the weather forecast, there is more than a 40 percent chance of rain during the match. If it rains, who will be the winner will also be on people’s minds. But before that, please let us know the weather forecast in full detail.

What is the weather forecast?

If Accuweather’s report is to be believed, then there is not much of a chance of rain in Ahmedabad between 1pm and 4pm. During this, only 14 percent rain can be seen. But after 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. there is a chance of more than 40 percent of continuous rain. The draw for this match will take place at 7pm Indian time with the live action starting at 7:30pm But the weather forecast clearly says that the intermittent showers may continue. Otherwise, it is clear that the draw may be delayed once again.

If the match is canceled due to rain, who will be the winner?

  1. Duckworth Lewis (DLS) may result if the match is interrupted after the start of the match and rain interrupts after the second inning.
  2. If the first ball could not be bowled, maximum time would be waited and an over-match could also be held until 12:50.
  3. There is also the possibility of a match of five more.
  4. If there is no match under any circumstances, then the team that is at the top of the league stage will be declared the winner.

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