IPL 2023 Final Live: Clear weather in Ahmedabad, chances of match to start on time increase

The final match of the Indian Premier League season 16 will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans on Reserve Day today. The eyes of the fans are constantly on the weather in Ahmedabad. Even today there is a chance of rain. In such a situation, it cannot be said whether this match will be completed even after its start or not.

But still today there is no good news for Ahmedabad fans. Like yesterday, today also the weather in Ahmedabad remained clear during the day. But the Meteorological Department has expressed fear that it could rain at night. However, if the match does not occur today, then there is no reserve day. The Gujarat Titans can have the advantage of being on top of the points table during the group stage and can be declared the winners.

However, everything possible will be done to get the match ready before then. Even if the match starts until 21:30, there will be no deduction for overs. Even after 11:40, there will be an attempt to achieve a five-on-five match. There are world class facilities on the grounds of Ahmedabad. If it stops raining, the field can be ready for the game in half an hour.

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The fans have also received relief from the organizers. Those who purchased tickets to watch the final match on Sunday will be able to enter the field with the same tickets today.

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