IPL 2022 won’t play this RCB player sold for Rs 15 crore, know whose name is not there

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RCB’s Kyle Jamieson celebrates the wicket of PK’s Prabhsimran Singh during the match

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  • BCCI publishes a list of 590 players, many big names are missing
  • Kyle Jameson was bought by RCB at the auction for Rs 15 crore
  • Chris Gayle was playing for Punjab Kings in IPL last season

IPL Mega Auction 2022 Player List: Ahead of the IPL 2022 Mega Auction, the list of players that are going to appear in the Mega Auction has been released. Although 1,214 players had given their names to participate in the mega auction, now the list published by the BCCI includes the names of only 590 players. That is, the rest of the players will not be in it. Although even after this, the number of players is very high, the reason behind this is to have ten teams. Now it is also clear which players will be seen in IPL and which will not. So far there has been speculation about this.

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Many big names are missing from the list of 590 players published by the BCCI. One of these names is New Zealand fast pitcher Kyle Jamieson. Kyle Jamieson was playing for RCB at IPL 2021 but was released and hasn’t even mentioned his name for the mega auction. RCB had made a great offer for Kyle Jameson at the auction. It was purchased for Rs 15 crore. He is one of the most expensive players in IPL history. However, his performance did not live up to expectations. He played nine games for his team and took as many wickets. There were also many races.

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After this there is another name, which is included in the IPL star players. He is West Indies batsman Chris Gayle. Chris Gayle played for Punjab Kings last season but didn’t get a chance to play every game. Also, his team’s performance wasn’t special, so the team let him go. He now he has not given his name for the mega auction. The Chris Gayle era has also come to an end, which means that it must be believed that Chris Gayle will no longer be seen at the next IPL. The record that Chris Gayle scored 175 runs in an IPL match has yet to be broken.

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