So far this season has not been special for Chennai Super Kings. Where many team players were already out due to injury. At the same time, the team’s captaincy change experiment has also not been very successful. The team has faced defeat in 9 games so far this season. Aside from this, Dhoni is once again the team captain in Jadeja’s place. After which now comes the news that Jadeja is very sad after the controversy of the captaincy.

Jadeja is reportedly quite upset due to the captaincy controversy. He believes that the Chennai Super Kings management could have been more aware of this matter. Everything was decided immediately. Apart from this, everything was not handled properly, for which he is very angry. It has also been said in the reports that the Chennai Management has not made any statement on this matter yet.

We told you that two days before the start of the IPL, Dhoni had left the captaincy. After which, Jadeja was made the team captain in her place. Under her captaincy, Chennai had to face continual defeats. After which Dhoni was made captain in his place. However, Jadeja is out this season due to injury only after Dhoni becomes captain. The Chennai team says in its statement that Jadeja has been out for the season due to a rib injury. After stepping down from Jadeja’s captaincy, Chennai had said in her statement that Jadeja wants to focus on her game, so Dhoni will once again take command of the team in her place.


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