Now there are only 5 league games left to play in the IPL. Here 65 games have been played but it has not been decided which will be the three remaining teams that will reach the playoffs. So far, only the Gujarat Titans have made it to the playoffs, while Mumbai and Chennai are the teams that have been eliminated from this race. In such a situation, 7 teams are contenders for the three remaining playoff spots.

Teams from Rajasthan and Lucknow are at the forefront of the playoff race. Both teams have won 8-8 games. The net run rate of these teams is also better. If these two teams win their last match, their tiebreaker will be decided. Even if these teams lose the last game, it’s hard to cut their cards in the playoffs. This can only happen when these two teams lost their last match by a huge margin and the Delhi and Bangalore teams won their last match by a huge margin. If this happens then a team from Rajasthan and Lucknow may be out. That is, the arrival of one of these two teams has been confirmed.

Both the Delhi and RCB teams have won 7-7 matches so far. Both teams are ahead in the race for fourth place in the playoffs. If any of these two teams win the last match, the cards of other teams like KKR, SRH and Punjab will be completely removed because these three teams cannot win more than 7 matches now. The rest of the teams can only get a chance if both Delhi and RCB lose. However, considering Delhi’s net run rate, even if they lose, the chances of making the playoffs may remain.

If Delhi and RCB lose their last match and KKR and Punjab or Sunrisers win their last match, the playoff battle will be more interesting. In such a situation, the fourth team will be selected based on the net run rate. Currently, Delhi’s net run rate is better than the other four teams. In such a situation, the chances of Delhi playing the playoffs will be the highest. Yes, if Delhi loses the last game by a wide margin and Kolkata and Punjab/Sunrisers win by a wide margin, then any of these three teams, who have fallen behind in the race, may have a chance to play in the playoffs. .


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