IPhone with no notch, no ports and no buttons? This is what it would look like (video)

Despite being one of the world’s best-selling devices, the iPhone is far from a consensual design. One of the points that generates the most disagreement is its notch, however, some also talk about removing other details, such as the Lightning input.

For those who want an iPhone stripped of these features, the ConceptsiPhone channel offers us another of their creations. Their recent video shows us what this team would look like with many of their fan requests.

This is the dream of iPhone fans

The channel refers to the team that came up with the iPhone 13, however, we are well aware that this design will not materialize this year. In the best of cases, we would have to wait another year for this futuristic equipment.

In this concept we see idealized an iPhone without a notch, without ports and even without buttons on the sides. The screen would be curved, housing all the controls in a virtual system, as we have already seen implemented in one of the members of the Huawei Mate line.

The disappearance of the notch is due to the inclusion of essential sensors for the operation of Face ID under the screen. A technology that should come to fruition shortly, taking into account the patents that Apple has already filed in this regard.

Also under the screen would be the front camera and the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID). Thanks to these changes we have the much desired iPhone with a full screen, without interruptions.

This panel would be a “Retina Liquid Mini OLED”, with a refresh rate of 120Hz. With the disappearance of its Lightning port, there is room for the screen to expand even to the bottom of the iPhone, giving primacy to the MagSafe system for charging.

At the rear, this concept reveals a device with four sensors, covered by a layer of double glass. It is interesting to note the mention of the M1 processor inside the device.

The product we design here is nothing more than an idealization of various technologies that Apple could apply to your smartphone. Most of them will have to be applied, but nothing guarantees that they will be introduced in the same generation.

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