iPhone may be banned in the European Union if it has USB-C limitations

The implementation of the USB-C input should materialize with the launch of the iPhone 15. Various rumors claim that Apple will incorporate some limitations in this transition, but the European Union is prepared to take drastic measures if this is confirmed.

The warning was left by the European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton. In a letter to Apple, Breton warns that the company faces a possible sales ban if the rumors are confirmed.

EU is willing to rule out the iPhone from its markets if its law is not complied with

Under European law, tech companies have until December 28, 2024 to implement USB-C in their electronic devices. The goal is to reduce electronic waste by adopting a universal standard that allows the reuse of accessories.

iPhone USB-C

Apple has already confirmed that it will comply with this law and the leap can be made this year with the launch of the iPhone 15. There are several rumors that support the presence of the USB-C port on these devices, however, with some limitations.

North American technology will be preparing speed limitations in case unofficial USB-C cables are used on the iPhone 15. To unlock the full potential of this input, users will need to purchase accessories certified by the MFi program.

Faced with this possibility, the European Union makes it clear that it will not tolerate maneuvers that allow it to evade the fundamentals of its legal document. In fact, Thierry Breton is already threatening Apple with a possible ban on iPhone 15 sales in the EU.

According to the Die Zeit publication, Breton assures that “devices that do not meet the requirements of the single charger will not receive approval for sale in the EU market.” It would be a drastic decision, but one that the European regulator seems willing to implement if its law is cheated.

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According to various rumors, Apple prepares several distinctions with the introduction of USB-C in the iPhone 15. The base models should arrive with the USB 2.0 standard that offers data transfer speeds similar to the Lightning port.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will be entitled to the USB 3.2 standard or even Thunderbolt 3 with speeds that can reach 40 Gbps. Not to mention the limitation present in unofficial cables.

Will American tech be willing to give up revenue from its official accessory program? Will the EU have the courage to ban one of the world’s most successful tech products? It will be an interesting wrestling match to follow.

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