iPhone is the king of premium smartphones with the most sales worldwide

2022 was a difficult year for the smartphone market, which saw a 12% drop in sales globally.

But the segment of premium terminals registered exactly the opposite behavior when it came to growing and, as expected, the iPhone is the king of this segment with the most sales registered worldwide.

iPhone dominates 75% of premium smartphone segment

Growth graph in Apple's premium segment
This graph shows Apple’s growth in the premium segment since [email protected]

Last year, the smartphone market struggled, posting a 12% drop in its global sales, compared to the previous year. But the premium segment of these terminals went in exactly the opposite direction, having registered a slight increase of 1%, compared to 2021.

But there is a more significant fact. This slight growth of 1% allowed the segment of premium terminals to be responsible for a slice of 55% of the total global sales of the smartphone market.

The information comes through the CounterPoint Research consultancy, which points out the factors responsible for the growth of the premium segment of smartphones.

One of the reasons given is that users with more generous budgets were less affected by macroeconomic difficulties and, therefore, continued to buy equipment. However, not having the obstacle of a limited budget, spending (or investment) is made in the segment of more advanced models.

On the other hand, users are following a new trend. As smartphones become more important in people’s routines and lives, they are willing to spend more money on the models they buy. This trend was reflected in the 38% increase in sales of terminals over €1,000.

And who came out winning with this new option for users was Apple. According to CounterPoint, the Cupertino company dominates the premium segment with 75% of iOS terminals, at the end of 2022, compared to 23% of Android devices.

Samsung registers a decrease, but maintains second place in the best-selling premium models

Graph with percentage of sales of premium smartphones
Samsung takes second place in the ranking of best-selling premium [email protected]

Samsung has already been affected by this short market share for Android models. The South Korean giant registered, in 2022, a drop of 5% compared to the previous year. This is mainly due to its weak presence in the Chinese market.

But even so, the brand maintains second place in the ranking of best-selling premium smartphones. Its folding models are among those that have contributed the most to Samsung maintaining this position worldwide.

But it’s not all bad news. Analysts expect the Android universe to grow more this year 2023 in the premium segment, driven by the launch of several new foldable smartphones.

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