iPhone fell into boiling oil, then what happened? The video went viral

The iPhone introduced by the technology company Apple has amazing features, these new phones have the ability to send emergency calls through satellite.

iPhone 14 In the new phone 12 There is also a megapixel camera that is capable of capturing images of fast-moving objects and comes in handy in capturing stunning images even in extremely low light.

One of its major features is the Apple iPhone 7 From 14 Up to 1000 models have survived water splashes and even drops in water compared to other phones.

But is there any mobile phone that can be used even if it falls into a pan of boiling oil? Yes !! The answer is yes.

It so happened that a cook in Malaysia was busy with his work when suddenly his precious iPhone woke up in an open pan full of oil.

@zaiem_ainn முத்தை iphone tolong hadir#fyp #fypシ゚viral #iphone ♬ original sound – Abey Ayam King’s Paya Keladi

Zaeem, who is based in Kampung Paya Keladi in Penang Island, Malaysia, started his video posted on social media explaining how to tell when deep fried chicken is fully cooked.

Speaking in Malay, he told the audience what to do when a piece of fried chicken starts floating on top of the oil and held his phone close to the pot to demonstrate. However, the phone slipped from his hand and fell straight into the boiling oil.

But despite this, the iPhone continued to record the video while rolling around in the boiling oil, along with the sounds of boiling oil and Zaeem’s attempt to remove the phone from the pot can also be heard in the video.

After about 12 seconds Zaeem lifts it from the pot, the video shows a blurry image of his face taking the phone away from the stove.

Then there is another clip in the Tik Tok video where a man checks the functions of the iPhone and is surprised that it is still working.

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