IPhone 15: these are the 4 new features ‘confirmed’ by Apple

The next-generation range of iOS phones will be officially unveiled in September 2023. Until then, rumors and leaks continue to bring us fascinating details about the Apple iPhone 15iPhone 15 Plus, as well as the higher models, the iPhone 15 Pro and Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Now we have new details, leaks and digital images, aka renders that allows us to preview the general design of these smartphones premium for 2023 and a good part of 2024. The news goes far beyond the new processor, the thinner screen margins and the USB Type-C port, now mandatory.

1. USB-C port on all iPhone 15s

Apple iPhone USB-C

First of all, we have one of the practically confirmed novelties, the replacement of the Lightning port by the USB Type C port after ten years of the brand’s proprietary port. The change should be present in all four iPhone 15 models.

In fact, it was in September 2012 that Apple introduced the Lightning input, then with the iPhone 5, indicating at the time that Lightning would be the input for the next decade. It was, but the time has come to make the transition to universal USB-C.

Apple USB Type-C

Since several Apple products already use the USB-C port, the next generation of iPhone will also follow this standard, thus complying with the dictates of the European Union. However, the Cupertino giant will put its special touch on this door.

Apparently, despite being USB-C ports, to take full advantage of their capabilities, the accessories will have to be MFi certified (Made for iPhone). This is for certified cables to work to their full potential. For the company, such certification will represent a new source of revenue to replace Lightning input certifications.

2. Dynamic Island on all Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone

Second, we now have Dynamic Island or Dynamic Island on all four iPhone models by 2023 after learning about this feature on the iPhone 14 Pro. The next generation coming in September should adopt this new feature that makes phone notifications more attractive.

In addition, iOS 17, the next version of the operating system for these mobile devices, will also have more capabilities for Dynamic Island. Something that will bring even more utility and dynamism to this software feature that extends the utility of the notch.

Ultimately, this will be a unifying element of the entire generation of Apple phones, with a similar appearance among the various models that will hit the market in September 2023.

3. A17 Bionic Chip for iPhone 15 Pro

Apple A17 Bionic

Third, and to differentiate the Pro models from the next-generation base models, we will have a difference in the processor model used. Specifically, in the Pro models we will have the Apple A17 Bionic, the new chipset with 3nm lithography.

On the other hand, in the base models we will now have the A16 Bionic, the same processor that powers the current iPhone 14 Pro. The difference in performance can be substantial, although the performance of the current chipset is remarkably excellent.

In any case, the manufacturer should improve the energy efficiency of the chipset with 3nm lithography, in addition to increasing its overall performance as well. Especially for games, virtual reality and other demanding applications, we can have remarkable advantages.

4. Lens and periscope camera on iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max Highlights 6.7″ 120Hz OLED Display A17 Bionic Chip New 6X Periscope Camera Larger 4852mAh Battery WiFi 6 Action Button USB-C Port Thinner Bezel SiOS 178GB + 256GB $1,199 September of 2023 pic.twitter.com/XyuhGukpds


The larger model always has a larger (higher capacity) and larger battery. Now, there is enough room for Apple to place a new system of optics/lenses capable of delivering greater image magnification capacity.

In practice, we can have at least 5x optical zoom, compared to the current 3x zoom present in the Pro models. In any case, the camera will continue to be a bastion of improvements with each new generation of mobile devices.

Finally, we’ll also have reduced screen margins on all models, plus at least one new accent color for these models. It also points to a revamp of the action button/notification switch, among other improvements.

In any case, these mobiles will be officially presented in September 2023 at the next special autumn event of the brand led by Tim Cook.

iPhone 15 Pro: Rumored Features» USB-C Port» A17 Bionic Chip (3nm)» Action Button» Titanium Frame» Thinner Bezels» Wi-Fi 6E» Increased RAM (8GB)» 5-6x Optical Zoom (Pro Max )» U1 chip improvements» LiDAR scanner improvements» At least one new color pic.twitter.com/JwM6OukRHE

— Joe Rossignol (@rsgnl) July 28, 2023

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