IPhone 15 Pro: new buttons will have customizable sensitivity levels

There are several rumors that Apple will change the volume and power selector buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro. Instead of implementing traditional mechanical buttons, they will go to capacitive buttons or solid state.

A simple comparison is the home button that Apple used on the iPhone 8 and can still be seen on the iPhone SE. Now, through a user of the MacRumors forums, we know a little more about how it works.

Apple will bring buttons to the iPhone 15 Pro with different levels of pressure sensitivity

This source was the same one that predicted the implementation of Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro, so it deserves our vote of confidence. In his new prediction, he reports that Apple will enable a sensitivity switch on these buttons.

iPhone 15 Pro

This means that the side buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro will be able to identify different levels of pressure. The main advantage of this approach is that they can work even when the user is wearing gloves.

To understand the importance of this option, it’s important to talk a bit about how this type of button works. Capacitive buttons continuously charge and discharge the sensor with a small electrical current.

These are activated only when something with a stored electrical charge touches the sensor and changes its capacitance. This means that they need skin contact, since the human body can store and discharge electrical energy.

When the user wears gloves or has a protective case applied to their iPhone, direct contact with human skin will not be available. This is where the button pressure sensitivity settings that will apply to the iPhone 15 Pro come into play.

Another of the changes that Apple will make on the side of its new smartphones is the option of a single button to select audio profiles. Instead of the existing switch on the first iPhone, everything indicates that we will have an action button similar to the one used on the Apple Watch.

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