iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra) will be the only one to have a long-desired attribute

iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra) will be the only one to have a long-desired attribute

In the next-generation iPhone 15, due to launch in September this year, Apple will be able to include a long-desired attribute, but only in its most advanced model.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max (or Ultra, the trade name is not yet known) will be the only model in the new series to include a periscope sensor with optical zoom.

The most advanced model of the iPhone 15 will have a periscope sensor

iPhone 14 Pro Max
In the next most advanced iPhone 15 model, Apple will integrate a new periscope sensor Credit@Apple

In September of this year, when launching the new generation of the iPhone, Apple will continue the strategy of differentiating the Pro models from the base models. According to the latest rumors, it will even distinguish the two most advanced models, including specifications on the iPhone 15 Pro Max that will be exclusive to this terminal.

According to the South Korean publication The Elec, an example of this will be the periscope sensor that will only be integrated into the rear camera setup of the most advanced iPhone 15s. Also according to the same publication, the Cupertino company intends to use a Folded Zoom periscope sensor.

The Elec advances, although only in 2024, with the iPhone 16, more terminals of the series will be able to include this long-awaited attribute and already included in Android smartphones for a long time.

Remember that a periscope sensor allows you to zoom without blurring the image, thanks to the integrated optical zoom. This is another point that the South Korean publication does not clarify. We know that the more advanced iPhone 15 will have a periscope sensor, but we don’t know its optical zoom capability.

Some sources assume that Apple will lag behind Samsung in this regard for now, as the Galaxy S23 Ultra will feature a periscope sensor with 10x optical zoom.

But, details aside, Apple really seems to be committed to integrating this attribute into its iconic smartphone. And now it’s looking for vendors to help with optical image stabilization directly on the periscope sensors.

For now, the Cupertino company has two South Korean candidates in mind: LG Innotek and Jahwa Electronics, but there is still no information on agreements established with any of these companies.


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