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iPhone 15 could bring good news in fast charging

Only in September Apple will officially present the new generation of its iconic smartphone, but the rumors continue to multiply making revelations.

The latest indicates that the new iPhone 15 series will bring good news in terms of fast charging, which can be up to 40 watts.

iPhone 15 with 40 watt fast charge?

Image of the iPhone 14 Pro Max
The iPhone 14 Pro Max currently has 30-watt fast chargingCredit@Apple

As usual, the new generation of the iPhone is one of the main targets of rumors in the web world that, almost daily, make more predictions about the characteristics of the terminals. One of the most recent concerns the battery and fast charging of devices.

According to leaker RGcloudS, the new generation of Apple’s iconic smartphone may arrive equipped with a stacked battery. And the practical result of this attribute for users will be an increase in battery life and support for 40-watt fast charging.

The same leaker claims that this increase in fast charging can lead to MagSafe charging speeds of up to 20 watts. It should be remembered that the iPhone 14 Pro Max currently supports fast charging at 30 watts and MagSafe at 15 watts.

On “paper”, this improvement may seem insignificant, but when charging the iPhone, the speed differences will be noticeable.

There are still no guarantees that the fast charging of the new generation of iPhone will actually feature this attribute in its list of specifications, especially since some sources link this information to the 16th generation of the iPhone.

But the fact that the iPhone 15 series arrives equipped with the universal USB Type-C connection is a good indicator that this support for fast charging may already appear in this generation.

It should also be noted that even with this improvement to iPhone charging, Apple will still be a fair distance from some of the best Android models that already provide 120 watts of fast charging. Not to mention Realme smartphones that provide 240W super charging.

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