Although the official presentation of the iPhone 14 Pro Max only takes place in September, the device is already the subject of frequent news. On this occasion, the main course goes to its design, which no longer has any doubts.

Everything became clear with the publication of images of a mold of the iPhone 14 Pro Max by the filter ShrimpApple Pro. Images that confirm all the details pointed to the smartphone in recent months.

And video!

— ShrimpApplePro 🍤 (@VNchocoTaco) May 6, 2022

The molds of the iPhone 14 Pro Max dispel doubts about its design

The mold released by the source was designed based on the official specifications that Apple sent to accessory manufacturers. In fact, we have a non-functional representation of the iPhone 14 Pro Max for the sole purpose of demonstrating its physical appearance.

This mold confirms the disappearance of the notch in this team, being replaced by something equally controversial. Pill-shaped cutouts and a hole are confirmed, but its dimensions will leave few satisfied.

iPhone 14 ProMax

The released images convey the idea that Apple just cut out unnecessary areas around the Face ID sensors and the front camera. Something that contradicts the thesis that the elimination of the notch would result from a renewal of the sensors intended for these technologies.

Something that is also denoted in these images is that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be taller than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apparently, the new model comes in at a new 20:9 ratio compared to last year’s model’s 19.5:9 ratio.

The transition to the new aspect ratio results in slightly different edges on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, now more rounded. Smaller and more uniform margins around the screen are also verified.

iPhone 14 ProMax

Last but not least, it is proven that the camera module of this device will be thicker than that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The fault will be your new photosensor with 48 MP.

The conclusion to be drawn from these images is that the protective cases for the iPhone 13 Pro Max will definitely not fit its successor. While both have the same 6.7-inch screen, there will be physical changes to the iPhone 14 Pro Max that will set it apart from its predecessor.


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