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iPhone 14 Pro Max edge? Here is the Apple smartphone with the worst of Android

 iPhone 14 Pro Max edge?  Here is the Apple smartphone with the worst of Android

THE apple It currently has four high-end mobile phones on the market, all with flat screens, with straight edges. However, since about 2014, we also have some Android smartphones on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The curved edges of a screen are elegant and beautiful to look at. However, they are terrible for accidental touches, as well as making it difficult to use the smartphone with one hand. However, this attribute will have its supporters and defenders to whom we respectfully allude.

Screen with curved edges, pretty but generally impractical

I make curved screen iphone 14 pro max if you want to do this send me your phone we need to change the middle frame pic.twitter.com/qTJVGY6BHk

— fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) November 30, 2022

It should also be noted that it is no coincidence, in fact, that Apple has so far refrained from using a screen with curved edges in its portfolio. Certainly not for lack of knowledge or solutions in the industry that allow you to create an iPhone 14 Pro Max Edge, without ever having done it.

Such a task has now been started by the user @lipilipsi on Twitter, where the engineer recently posted his achievements. The problem is a merger between the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and a curved screen, just like the various high-end Samsung Galaxy that have implemented this feature.

This is the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Edge that nobody asked for

We change the curved screen of the iphone 14 pro max pic.twitter.com/wbfFn6pZic

— fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) November 29, 2022

The result? A smartphone reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or rather the S6 Edge Plus launched by the South Korean manufacturer in August 2015. Elegant and slender in its lines, especially with this slightly curved screen.

This unusual but extremely captivating creation is the result of the work of the engineer responsible for the aforementioned Twitter profile. It will have replaced various components of the phone like the core structure of the iPhone to add the curved screen to the smartphone.

A creative and skillful exercise in engineering.

Changing iPhone 14 pro max to dual SIM card pic.twitter.com/wQm1iKsQ8Q

— fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) November 23, 2022

It should be noted, however, that the engineer managed to keep the other crucial aspects of the phone, including Dynamic Island, exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

It’s important to note that the display appears to be functional, just like the device itself. However, we do not know if any function has been disabled since the screen and the respective module are not the original ones to integrate the mobile device.

iPhone 14 series all CNC motherboard pic.twitter.com/kPlyATY1ua

— fix Apple 🍏 (@lipilipsi) November 26, 2022

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