Although it is still far from the moment of presentation of the iPhone 14 Pro, there are already many rumors that tell us what to expect from it. Especially when it comes to its new design that will finally get rid of the controversial notch.

However, the path that Apple should follow will be equally controversial and divisive. To give an image to the speculated news, the youtuber youHacker 43 just dropped his iPhone 14 Pro concept video.

The iPhone 14 Pro will not have a notch, but it will not be less controversial

Replicating all the rumors that are heard and read in the usual media, this concept of the iPhone 14 Pro illustrates the possible future of the screen of this device. In fact, we can see what its screen will look like with a small hole and a tablet-shaped cutout.

Both will coexist in the same panel to house the essential sensors for the operation of Face ID and the front camera of the smartphone. In addition, it will be a differentiating factor from all the existing competition in the technology market.

Whether you like this approach or not, it’s undeniable that it will set the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max apart from their competitors. It will be that trait that will immediately make us realize that this cell phone is an iPhone.

The components for the proper functioning of Face ID will be housed in the cutout in tablet format. The front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro will be housed in a small hole on the right.

This approach will also allow for a welcome change to the iPhone 14 Pro status bar. Apple will finally be able to take advantage of the increased space available to offer more information to the user.

iPhone 14 Pro

New cameras and an always-on screen

This concept also addresses other innovations that Apple will be developing for its next top of the range. One of the most relevant will be in its cameras, with the introduction of a new sensor.

This, according to rumors, will have a resolution of 48 MP and will serve as the main sensor of the smartphone. The others will keep the 12 MP resolution for wide angle and telephoto with an approximation of 3x lossless quality.

iPhone 14 Pro

Going back to the iPhone 14 Pro screen, we finally have the introduction of the functionality always on screen. This means that a part of the screen will constantly be activated to provide quick information such as the time, date and some notifications.

Finally, it should be noted that the design contained in this video is purely conceptual. This means that it is the product of someone’s imagination and that Apple has not yet confirmed its use, although it is possible that it will happen.


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