iPhone 14 Max: Crucial details revealed

The next generation of the iPhone is still the subject of multiple rumors and this time crucial details of the iPhone 14 Max model have been revealed.

Now we know the integrated processor, the camera, the memory capacity and even the size and resolution of the screen. We reveal everything to you immediately.

iPhone 14 Max with the same processor as the previous series

iPhone 13
In the next generation of iPhone, Apple may not include a mini variant

Apple continues to be the world leader in sales with the iPhone 13 and although this series has been the target of some criticism, it continues to be very successful among users. This also raises high expectations for the next generation of iPhone.

But it seems that Apple will really go ahead with the strategy of differentiating the Pro models from the non-Pro variants. And the proof may be the recent revelations about the iPhone 14 Max.

According to the latest rumors, this iPhone 14 model will keep the same chip A15 bionic from the previous series. Some experts say that Apple can change the name of the processor, but that there will be no significant improvements because it is the same chip.

At the origin of this decision will be the reduction of production costs that, in principle, will be reflected in the final sale price to the user. On the other hand, this is also the way to distinguish this non-Pro model from its Pro counterparts.

More rumors advance that the iPhone 14 Max will offer up to 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 128 or 256GB in internal storage capacity.

iPhone 14 Max could arrive with a price of 899 dollars

The rear camera setup of the upcoming iPhone 14 Max was also revealed. Therefore, the model is expected to have a dual configuration that includes two 12 megapixels each.

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In this field, it is possible that some technologies will be introduced to improve the photographic performance of the model, but we are still a bit far from the launch of the terminal to take this fact for granted.

In turn, the design should be classic with a notch for the front camera and Face ID sensors. The OLED screen will have 6.68 inches with resolution of 2778×1284 pixels and an update rate of 90Hz.

Finally, some rumors also indicate that the iPhone 14 Max can reach the market at a cost of 899 dollars, which converted to euros gives approximately 850 euros. It is not exactly an affordable cost for all pockets, in addition to the fact that we are talking about a model that will not include a new processor.

But it seems that this is how Apple is lowering the final price, maintaining some specifications of the previous series and introducing some improvements that can continue to conquer users as it has been happening until now.

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