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IPhone 13 Pro: this is one of the great secrets behind a good autonomy

At this time, both the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been analyzed in detail. And the variable refresh rate up to 120Hz is one of the great highlights of these terminals.

Although Apple has increased the battery of the equipment, it could be thought that the 120Hz would place them in a scenario of less autonomy compared to their predecessors. But that does not happen.

As we show you in more detail in this article, all iPhone 13s are positively surprising in terms of autonomy. But the highlight is the “absurd” numbers on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The variable refresh rate of up to 10 Hz is an advantage for the autonomy of the iPhone 13 Pro

These numbers are not just due to higher battery capacity and the A15 Bionic processor. Unlike some of its competitors, where the refresh rate ranges between 60Hz and 120Hz, the iPhone 13 Pro (and Pro Max) can range up to 10Hz.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

This means that when provided by an app, the iPhone 13 Pro Max makes use of ProMotion technology to bring you 120Hz. But if that’s not necessary, go down to 10Hz and save battery life.

Unfortunately, ProMotion deployment on iPhone 13 Pro is done automatically only in system apps. This means that developers are updating third-party applications to accommodate this possibility.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max arrived in Portugal for € 1079, in the 128GB variant. In our country and with the same storage capacity, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at € 1,279.

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