IPhone 13 Pro Max, Galaxy 22 Ultra or Xiaomi 12 Pro: which has a better battery?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 4,352 mAh battery. And the latest Samsung Galaxy 22 Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Pro have a battery of 5000 mAh and 4600 mAh respectively. But does rated capacity tell the whole story?

The Mrwhostheboss channel confronted these smartphones, and even added the oldest Galaxy S21 Ultra and even the Google Pixel 6 Pro to the party. For the most attentive, the test results are not surprising.

As you can see from the beginning of the test, the Xiaomi 12 Pro and Google Pixel 6 continued to have 100% autonomy, and the Samsung and iPhone were already at 97%. But the balance necessarily ends up turning.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is still the king of autonomy

As the test progresses, and around an hour and a half, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was already quietly leading the test. And we are also easily noticing the trend of the Google Pixel 6 Pro easily falling behind.

Between 7 and 7 and a half hours of testing, both the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Xiaomi 12 Pro end up running out of battery. At that time, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was still above 30% and the Samsungs still survived.

When Samsung suffers, the iPhone 13 Pro Max still had 23% autonomy. In total, it managed to stay in operation for two more hours, being the clear winner of the test.

Last place in the test was the Google Pixel 6 Pro, with 7 hours and 6 minutes. In fourth position we find the Xiaomi 12 Pro, which lasted 7 hours and 34 minutes in this battery test.

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Entering the podium we find the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 8 hours and 8 minutes, and the previous Galaxy S21 Ultra with 8 hours and 15 minutes. In great prominence we see the iPhone 13 Pro Max with a range of 10 hours and 27 minutes.

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