iPhone 13 Pro coolant adapts to content and your finger

The new iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max arrive that were introduced a few hours ago a screen with ProMotion technology.

This feature allows you to enjoy content with great fluidity, as the refresh rate can reach 120 Hz.

Now this type of screen has a higher power consumption, so more advanced devices like the iPhone 13 are able to adapt the refresh rate to the content that is displayed.

For example, iPhone 13 is capable of rLower the refresh rate to 10 Hz for static content, such as a book page, but go up to 120 Hz for games. Also, within the same app, you can adapt the refresh rate depending on what happens – for example 120 Hz is not needed to view a menu in a game.

But Apple went further as it also took into account changes in finger speed when scrolling, swiping, or pinching. Touch gestures keep pace with your finger better than ever.

Thanks to the ProMotion implementation, Apple claims that “IOS 15 works so well at 120 Hz that you don’t know where your finger ends and the screen starts. Without exaggerating. And without losing. It only works at 120 Hz when it knows you will notice the difference. “

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