iPhone 13: More than 50% of iPhone owners would not want to buy the new model

The iPhone 13 may not have the success that Apple hopes, according to a survey conducted by SellCell. In fact, only 44% of current iPhone users plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13 when it launches this fall.

Credit: TechDroider

Of the 3,000 US-based iPhone owners surveyed, only 43.7% said they plan to upgrade to the iPhone 13, This represents a 2.7% increase over the iPhone 12 purchase intent survey conducted by SellCell last year. However, we know that Apple is betting heavily on this new generation, as the company would expect sales 20% higher than those of the iPhone 12.

Of those planning to buy a new model this year, 38% plan to upgrade to iPhone 13, 31% to iPhone 13 Pro Max, 24% to iPhone 13 Pro, and just 7% to iPhone 13 mini. This fits in well with the low popularity of the current generation iPhone 12 mini.. Apple is also expected to abandon this small model next year, as no iPhone 14 mini is expected.

No wonder only a minority of iPhone users are ready to buy a new model this year. Indeed, these are expensive, and would have a better lifespan than other smartphones, which probably leads their owners to keep them longer.

What do users expect most from the new iPhone 13?

Research shows that the high refresh rate screen (ProMotion 120 Hz) is the most anticipated feature of the new iPhone 13, with 22% of respondents. In second place, we find the Touch ID under the screen, which has been available for a long time with its Android competitors. Unfortunately for the 18.2% of users who are eagerly awaiting this feature, that’s not going to happen to this generation.

In third place with 16%, we find Always On Display which allows your screen to be always on to show the time, then the design with a smaller notch with 10.9% of respondents. Finally, some also expect bigger batteries or even more storage space with up to 1TB of memory.

Finally, it’s worth noting that 27% of iPhone users plan to buy the Apple Watch Series 7, while 13% say they want to buy the AirPods 3, which has yet to be announced.

Source: SellCell

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