iOS 17 will do much more than improve the stability of your iPhone

iOS 17 will be presented on June 5 as the next generation of the iPhone operating system. Initially, it was anticipated that this would be a timid update focused on system stability improvements, but lately we have seen that it will do much more.

In fact, now we are facing a new range of novelties that the update to iOS 17 should integrate. The news was advanced on Weibo and pointed out several improvements to the iPhone lock screen.

iOS 17 will bring even more customization to the iPhone lock screen

As now progress is being made, iOS 17 will pay special attention to the iPhone lock screen. In fact, Apple will implement new levels of customization for this screen with the launch of new fonts, emoji wallpapers and “other features”.

iOS 17

With new levels of customization available, it opens the door to user creativity and Apple wants to share this with the community. To do this, it will allow us to share our personalized screens, similar to what exists in the Apple Watch.

The Apple Music app will benefit from more integration with the iPhone’s lock screen. Strictly speaking, users will be able to see the lyrics of the songs they listen to without having to unlock their smartphone.

Still regarding Apple Music, a redesign of the design of this application is expected. As stated, this will replace the text with more graphics, but we don’t have any additional details to go into.

The iPhone’s flashlight will also be improved to replace the three intensity levels currently offered. The intent will be to give users the ability to more precisely adjust the brightness level of the flashlight to their liking.

These news join other previously rumored. For example, expect a deep redesign of the iPhone control center, new features for Dynamic Island, active widgets, and even the ability to install apps from unknown sources.

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For now, these are just rumors that paint a picture of what Apple has in store for iOS 17. All the details will be officially unveiled on June 5, to mark the start of WWDC 2023.

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