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IOS 17 was presented by Apple with new apps and more customization

WWDC is Apple’s annual software conference, so its operating systems took center stage. One of the major revelations was iOS 17, the new version of the operating system designed for the iPhone.

This is an update that will do much more than fix bugs and optimize the performance of the smartphone. We have new features for your iPhone and even a new app to help you capture your day.

iOS 17 brings contact banners to the call screen

One of the novelties that iOS 17 incorporates are the Contact Posters. In short, they are a customizable call panel so that your contacts know immediately that it is you who is calling them.

iOS 17

These screens will be customized by you, that is, it is you who will decide how you will appear on the screen of the people you call. In this way, you can appear one way on your friends’ iPhone or another way on your boss’s iPhone.

The introduction of contact banners means the introduction of a new calling screen in iOS 17. It will look like a giant wallpaper that will reflect the choices of your contacts.

Voicemail now with transcription on the lock screen

Also new with iOS 17 is a new method for displaying voicemail recordings. From now on, you’ll have an instant transcript on your iPhone’s lock screen, even without unlocking it.

FaceTime receive short video messages

How many times have you FaceTimed someone who didn’t answer the call? With iOS 17, when that happens, you’ll be able to leave a short video message to let them know the reason for your call and call you back as soon as possible.

iMessage with direct replies or direct access to the last message

iMessage is one of the newest apps with the release of iOS 17. First of all, we have the introduction of replies, which means that you can select a message and reply directly to it, similar to other chat apps.

We also have a new feature that Apple called Catch Up. Basically what it does is provide a shortcut that will take you directly to the last read message so you don’t have to manually go through the chat looking for news. An ideal option for large conversation groups.

When it comes to sharing your location, there’s a new widget with that information that lives natively in iMesage. You will also have notifications that will allow you to notify family or friends every time you arrive somewhere or when you are late.

You can also create new stickers from your photos. To do this, simply open a photo, select an object, extract it, and save it as a tag. You can even edit it to make it even more to your liking.

NameDrop is a more intuitive way to share files

The AirDrop feature now has a new option called NameDrop which will make it easier to share files between iPhone users. Similar to the NFC protocol, you only need to pair two devices together to start transferring files.

Autocorrect is smarter

Apple’s automatic correction algorithms are better than ever. This function will stop parsing only words and start parsing sentences. It will also remember the words that you often misspell to automatically correct them.

The Diary app brings a summary of your day.

Have you ever thought of creating a journal with your daily adventures? With the new Journal app, your iPhone will give you the tools you need to do it simply and effectively.

It is an application that will work with suggestions to compile your day. She will tell you where you have been, what music you have listened to or what photos you have taken, and she will ask you about your feelings about those moments. The story will always be yours.

Standby mode gives your iPhone more features while it charges

With iOS 17 comes the new standby mode for your iPhone. Whenever charging in a MagSafe charger, horizontally, the lock screen interface will change.

It will now display a large clock or a slideshow of your photos. You’ll be able to browse your favorite widgets, Homekit controls, and more. In short, it will also become an aggregator of important information during the upload.

Apple Maps gets offline mode

Another novelty to highlight is the introduction of an offline mode for the Maps application. Thanks to this novelty, you will be able to download locations on your iPhone and use them even without an Internet connection. But please note that traffic information will not work in this mode.

As always happens in these cases, iOS 17 is already entering its public testing phase, with the first betas already available to those interested. The final version will be released in the fall, when the iPhone 15 launches.

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