iOS 17.2: All the new features that improve your iPhone experience

The introduction of iOS 17.2 brings with it a number of features that improve the user experience on iPhone devices. From increased security measures to creative tools, this update focuses on providing a safer, more creative and personalized environment for users.

One of the notable innovations is the introduction of the Checking contact keys in iMessage. This security measure allows users to verify the identities of their contacts before having confidential conversations.

The feature uses key transparency to ensure automatic verification of device keys provided by the iMessage key distribution service, ensuring an auditable and verifiable card.

The application freeform, It was introduced in iOS 17 and receives a significant update in iOS 17.2. New drawing tools encourage users’ creativity to create expressive and visually appealing boards.

iOS 17.2 refines this even further Accident detection, a feature that automatically contacts emergency services in the event of a serious car accident. This update introduces specific optimizations for iPhone 14 models and improves the accuracy and reliability of crash detection.

The users of Apple Music You’ll find two exciting features in iOS 17.2. Listening History makes it easy to re-listen to your favorite songs and rediscover forgotten treasures. Collaborative playlists allow you to create and share playlists with friends and family, fostering a shared music experience.

In addition to these notable improvements, iOS 17.2 brings a number of additional features and improvements including:

  • Siri ETA: Siri can now provide estimated travel times for your upcoming trips.
  • Translate Action button: Activate the translation directly using the action button.
  • Diary app: Record your thoughts and experiences with the new journal app.
  • FaceTime Alerts for Blocked Contacts: Get notifications when you try FaceTime with a blocked contact.
  • Reactions with stickers in messages: Express your feelings with a variety of sticker reactions in the Messages app.
  • Space video recording support: Capture immersive spatial sound that you’ll (someday) see on the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Standard warnings: Allows you to change the sound and vibration pattern that the “default” alerts produce.

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