IOS 16 gains useful functionality to save time on iPhone

The latest version of the operating system appleoh iOS 16 Unveiled during WWDC 2022, it will allow users to bypass CAPTCHA checks used on a wide variety of platforms. In particular, they may skip this step on some websites.

This verification step is performed by several websites, websites to increase security and ensure that the visitor is not a BOT. However, this step can become tedious, especially on websites that you visit regularly.

Bypass CAPTCHAs with New iOS 16 iPhone Trick

Apple iOS 16

It’s important to note that this new feature in iOS 16 will only work on certain websites. However, this will speed up the navigation and use of the respective publications such as online stores, among other platforms that can use this security method.

The measure was discovered by the publication macromoros based on beta versions of iOS 16, still in development. Note that Apple is careful not to bypass these steps on highly sensitive websites, but it may speed up this process.

More specifically, in Settings, Apple ID – Password and Security – we will now have the new “Automatic verification” option. This shortcut will allow, via iCloud, to automatically verify the user also based on their Apple ID.

Another security and productivity booster for Apple devices

iOS 16 will allow iPhone users to bypass CAPTCHAs on supported apps and websites by @rsgnl

— (@MacRumors) June 20, 2022

As the aforementioned source mentions, Apple itself recently shared a new video to explain the process. Apparently, the Cupertino giant uses new records as a safe and agile alternative to case-by-case verifications with CAPTCHAs.

In short, once the iOS 16 system is ready to come to Apple’s iPhone, users can activate this nimble shortcut to browse the web. From there, they will be able to bypass this security check without it being compromised.

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That way, they won’t have to waste time filling out forms to make sure they aren’t robots or automated visits to certain websites. At the moment, however, the scope of supported websites is unknown.

Finally, these and other new features of iOS 16 will reach the public domain starting next September, according to the latest information.

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