iOS 16.3 is now available for download: Here’s what’s new

Apple confirms the arrival date of iOS 16.3 and watchOS 9.3

After a beta period that started in December, iOS 16.3 update is now downloadable on iPhone.

iOS 16.3 adds support for security keys with the aim of improving Apple ID and iCloud account protection for users using hardware devices. Interested users can do with physical hardware that serves as a second layer of two-factor authentication for your account.

This security key system integrates with the device-to-device transfer process. So once you’ve authenticated your iPhone with the security key, you won’t need to do it again if you get a new iPhone, as long as you use the device-to-device transfer process when setting up a new phone.

It is worth noting that Apple itself will not make a security key hardware. Instead, it will turn to third-party products. The company is working with the FIDO Alliance to ensure cross-platform compatibility with open standards.

For users who accidentally trigger emergency SOS, there is a new option to let you know when it was triggered at the wrong time.

Additionally, this update includes a new Unity wallpaper, which pays homage to black history and culture in celebration of Black History Month.


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