iOS 15.2 Beta allows you to change the iPhone 13 screen without losing the Face ID

A few weeks ago, we learned that replacing an iPhone 13’s screen at an unauthorized Apple repair center would render the Face ID non-functional.

This was the bane of a large number of repair centers as many users trust them when it comes to fixing their broken screen.

Apple later announced that it would release a software update for the iPhone 13s to make it easier to switch screens without disabling Face ID, but did not specify when the update might arrive.

It looks like we won’t have to wait long, because Repair experts say they have successfully completed screen changes on iPhones running iOS 15.2 beta.

Before the upgrade, to keep Face ID working after switching screens, it was necessary to move a microcontroller from the original phone to the new one. Doing this is a complex process and having to do this for every iPhone 13 that needs a new screen can make things difficult for independent stores.

On an iPhone 13 loaded with iOS 15.2 beta, I correct Says Face ID still works after changing the screen and without having to change the microcontroller.

Although Face ID continues to work, the iPhone 13 with the screen changed displays an “Important Screen Message” warning that the device cannot verify that the screen is a “genuine Apple part”, although iCorrect says the screen is actually an original part.

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