Ion Izaguirre wins the Euskadi cyclocross championship

It is difficult to see roadsters in cyclocross events. They have a UCI license but they make them pay another to run in the mud. And it is not an economic question (about 190 euros per race) but one of dignity. What can be a source of pride, having important riders in the tests, due to insurance issues, becomes a way of collecting money. People like Gorka Izaguirre have complained about this dynamic on several occasions.

Then everyone is delighted to see videos of Van Aert sprinting in Belgian races but, around these parts, the management is different. And that there are organizations that invite brokers to take care of their expenses. But not for those. In the Euskadi championships in Tolosa, for example, the Masters have not been charged. And with that you can’t criticize the towns that do it because thanks to that they can still get the races on their feet. There are many volunteers putting stakes and few sponsors. It is a source of income.

The truth is that some professionals have met in Tolosa on the occasion of the Euskadi Cyclocross Championships. Ion Izaguirre (Cofidis) has appeared on the starting line and has not disappointed because he has tightened the race in the fourth lap and has made a difference in the fifth. Breed comes to the greyhound since his father, José Ramón, was a benchmark in winter cycling. Second has been another road professional, Jonathan Lastra.

The third place in the drawer has been occupied by Iñigo Gómez. In the female category, the veteran runner Olatz Odriozola (La Biziketa) has prevailed. Hodei Muñoz has won in the Junior category and Iker Colmenero in cadets. The Tolosa circuit (Gipuzkoa) was quite dry but had complications in the last meters. The appointment of the Spanish championship will be in Vic and the World Cup in Hoogerheide.

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