IOC will not invite Guatemala to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

A little over a year after the 2024 Paris Olympic Games take place, The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is already preparing the invitations to the 203 nations that will participate in this summer fair in the French capital, however, there are some exceptions.

Well according to AFP, the IOC itself excluded from this list of invitations the Committees of Guatemala, Russia and Belarus for the Paris Olympic Gamessince it has not yet determined its final position on the participation of athletes from these countries.

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The aforementioned agency stresses that the IOC will take more time to issue a final decision, but so far it does not have a formal invitation for the Guatemalan, Russian and Belarusian athletes.

It should be remembered that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is the main reason that the International Olympic Committee has taken to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes from its list of invitees, while with Guatemala, the IOC keeps the suspension active considering that there was political interference in the Guatemalan Committee.

Recently Guatemala participated under the name of Centro Caribe Sports, due to this sanction that they suffer from the IOC and that has limited Guatemalan athletes to have activity representing the flag of the Central American country.

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Guatemala and sanctioned countries could participate under consideration by the IOC

Despite the refusal to invite these three nations to Paris 2024, the IOC leaves open the possibility for athletes from these countries to participate under a neutral flag, however, the representation of the same nations would be limited.

Their participation in collective sports or in team events ‘cannot be considered’, explained the IOC according to AFP.

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