Investigation into space debris that threatened the ISS: United States condemns Russia’s “dangerous” behavior after anti-satellite fire

The United States on Monday condemned Russia’s “dangerous” behavior after an anti-satellite missile test fired that generated debris in space and forced astronauts on the International Space Station to take temporary refuge in their ships in order to be able to evacuate quickly if necessary.

“Earlier today, Russia irresponsibly conducted a destructive direct-ascension anti-satellite missile test against one of its own satellites,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said. American.

According to astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who analyzed the trajectories of the ISS and those of nearby objects, the target satellite could be a satellite named Cosmos 1408, which has not been active since the 1980s. “Destroy it n was absolutely not necessary, ”he said.

Some debris will disintegrate in the atmosphere in the coming months while others may well remain in orbit for several years.

The last episode of this type dates back to March 2019, and an Indian test shot.

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