Intestine transplant to a Spanish baby

A 13-month-old baby received the world’s first intestinal transplant from a donor in cardiac asystole in Madrid, the Spanish health authorities indicated.

La Paz Hospital “achieved the world’s first intestine transplant after a donation in asystole,” a state of cardiovascular failure, the Madrid region’s health authority announced in a statement released Tuesday.

Little Ema “has already left the hospital and is in perfect health at home with her parents”, Ana and Daniel, specified the authority of the Spanish capital region. Organ donation in asystole is performed in patients at the end of their lives.

This technique allows that, “after certification of death, organs can be preserved with perfusion of oxygenated blood through the Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) system,” explained the authority.

But, until now, and despite the fact that 30% of the candidates die on the waiting list, the intestine from a donation in asystole had never been used, considering that it would not be valid given the special characteristics of this organ”.

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