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Inter’s favorite option to replace Inzaghi

La opción favorita del Inter para sustituir a Inzaghi

He Inter de Milan has made the decision to look for a new coach for next season, since simone inzaghi has all the ballots to leave the Giuseppe Meazza this summer, handling several options for the bench, highlighting above all that of a former player from the Neroazzurro box such as Thiago Motta, Bologna’s current coach, who would thus have his first great opportunity as a coach.

At 40, Motta has had a good season at the helm of the bolognawhom he has placed in the middle part of the Serie A qualifying table, already having extensive experience as a coach in the lower categories of psg before jumping into Calciumwhere his great work in the aforementioned bologna I would open wide the door of a Inter de Milan that in this way a new sports project would begin at the hands of a coach who this season has 12 wins, nine draws and 12 losses.

reconstruction in sight

He Inter de Milan search with Thiago Motta a coach capable of maintaining the team’s competitiveness in Serie A and the Champions Leaguehowever, not being the only alternative that the Neroazzurro team manages to occupy the bench of the Meazza next season, thus leaving everything up in the air until the sports management decides who will be the new team coach for 2023/2024.

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