Interpol triggers an international alert to identify a child buried in the Danube with a slab of rock

Interpol has sent an alert to the police organization’s 195 member countries to try to find out the identity of the perpetrator lifeless body of a child about 5 or 6 years oldwhich emerged in the Danube on its way through Germany, submerged with a stone slab.

This child’s corpse brown-haired and blood group O, about 110 centimeters tall and 15 kilogramswas found at the bottom of the river near the town of Großmehring in Bavaria, wrapped in aluminum, Interpol said in a statement on Tuesday.

As part of the campaign that began with the dissemination of the “black note,” a warning to seek information on bodies pending identification, the International Police Agency has also shared some details, including a facial reconstruction with a picture of the front and another of the profile.

Behind this international mission is the fact that the investigators assume that the boy was outside of Germany.

This was emphasized by Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock “Somewhere someone knows something about this boyTherefore, it is equally important to make certain details public.”

“Whether he was a victim of human trafficking, kidnapping or violence, we are committed to mobilizing the full police capacity of Interpol to identify him and help investigators shed light on his death.”

The order states that anyone who remembers a missing child whose characteristics could be related to this case should contact the German police responsible for the case.

Since 2021, the International Police Agency has provided investigators with a database called I-Familia to identify unknown bodies through DNA matching.

In May of this year, he also launched the Identify Me program to try to name 22 suspected murdered women whose identities are unknown. Since then, more than 500 messages and tips have been received.

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