Internet in the garden and throughout the house? It is possible with these tips

The heat and good weather translate into more quality time outdoors, in our garden with friends or simply working outdoors. However, good quality Internet access is, today, a condition that we rarely do without, a commodity that is difficult to give up.

Fortunately there are several solutions, easy to configure, reliable and with remarkable results such as the Devolo kits. In fact, devolo Wi-Fi solutions save the summer by bringing the best Wi-Fi to our gardens. To solve any problem with the use of the Internet outside our home.

There are more reasons to go outside in summer

Devolo Internet

In summer, garden party guests aren’t the only ones who need to be fed. The myriad of multimedia devices we depend on today also need sustenance, in the form of a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Music is streamed over the Internet, outdoor cinema requires a stable online connection, and it’s just more fun for your guests if they can connect their smartphones to Wi-Fi. In fact, like your very own tablet on a relaxing afternoon in a folding chair.

However, your home router is usually not strong enough to provide Wi-Fi both indoors and in the garden. There are more requirements than router from our various mobile devices.

Therefore, if you want to listen to your playlists while you work in the garden, or enjoy your favorite series while sunbathing, it won’t take long for your experience to be interrupted due to Wi-Fi connection failures.

Quick and convenient solutions for a good Wi-Fi connection

Devolo Internet

devolo’s handy Wi-Fi adapters bring stable mesh Wi-Fi everywhere and turn any power outlet into a fast Wi-Fi hotspot. Solutions that, by the way, we have already tested and verified in 4gnews.

The Wi-Fi mesh function of these adapters also provides extremely stable Wi-Fi coverage. This is because all terminal devices are automatically connected to the best access point and frequency band.

Configuration is easy, as is setting up a guest Wi-Fi network, thanks to the devolo Home Network app. Just click on the appropriate menu item and guests will only need to scan the displayed QR code to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Still, this method ensures that everything will go smoothly at your next garden party or broadcast of an outdoor sporting event.

Price and availability of the Devolo Wi-Fi kit

For small apartments with a balcony and to improve Wi-Fi performance on one level, devolo offers the WiFi 6 Repeater 3000 for €99.90. The WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 costs 149.90 euros.

These Wi-Fi repeaters extend the range of your existing wireless network. With high transmission speeds, advanced network functionality and easy one-button setup. In fact, these repeaters not only make home movie night more enjoyable, but also substantially improve daytime connectivity.

For large apartments and houses with gardens, the Magic WiFi product line is highly recommended. This line includes adapters that work plugged into wall outlets, using existing home electrical wiring to communicate with each other.

The advantage of this power line solution is obvious: walls and ceilings are no longer a barrier. This is because the network is hardwired, without the cost of installing Ethernet cables.

Finally, the award-winning Magic 2 WiFi 6 Starter Kit is available for 249.90 euros.

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