Internet conspirators say dead and controlled by artificial intelligence

According to some, the Internet is now only a great illusion made to manipulate us all. At least that’s what an online conspiracy theory claims, according to which an artificial intelligence has taken control of all the content circulating on the Web.

This “Internet death theory”, spotted by the American magazine The Atlantic, was born on a forum dealing with the “guarded secrets” of the Web.

The original post was published last January by a certain IlluminatiPirate. Read more than 79,000 times since, it states that the Internet would have died in 2016.

Since that date, everything would be a great lie in the form of a great mirage. Concretely, the Internet would be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI), designed by governments with malicious ambitions. This AI would have replaced humans to directly produce all of the content. This content would then be propagated by bots, possibly helped by a “group of influencers”, paid by various companies, always in relation with governments.

A popular theory

The intention of this whole organization would be, according to IlluminatiPirate, to control the thoughts of people and thus get them to buy and consume. Worse yet, even movies shown on streaming platforms would be generated by an algorithm.

This theory has become so viral, that it has circulated on many other forums, until it ends up on YouTube.

A ten-minute video, broadcast in Spanish and viewed more than 260,000 times, explains the whole concept.

If that theory sounds preposterous, IlluminatiPirate, who is an operations supervisor for a logistics company in California, told The Atlantic reporter that he “strongly believes” in the plot.

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