International Transport Forum: Rebuilding Ukraine will cost $400bn

The recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine’s infrastructure, after the impact of the Russian invasion, will require about 400 billion dollars, said Serhiy Derkach, Deputy Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development from that country.

It is already one year and three months since Russia began the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. For reconstruction and recovery we will need more than 400 billion dollars as damage is still taking place since we are daily under constant bombardments”, he explained in the framework of the International Transport Forum (ITF).

The official indicated that the war has caused great damage not only to houses but also to bridges, highways, ports, and so on.

All of that must be rebuilt not when the war is over but right now. We have more than eight million people outside the country and more than six million displaced within Ukraine. Our main task is to bring all the people back home. But to bring them all we need good roads, border crossings, ”he said.

President Volodimir Zelensky’s cabinet official stated that it is necessary to rebuild the homes of those affected, which requires support from the entire international community.

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In the invaded country, some 200 bridges were affected, posing a challenge for the construction sector.

One of the very important issues that we are working on is to increase the capacity of the border crossing control points because when the large-scale invasion began, the seaports were closed and the airspace was closed. So, all goods and all people travel by rail or by road. We are working to ensure that goods and people can easily travel outside and within the country, ”added the official in his intervention.

According to Derkach, Ukraine also needs to increase the capacity of ports in the Danube region.

One of the critical issues in terms of infrastructure is the repair and reconstruction of thousands of kilometers of roads that were damaged. Around 200 bridges were damaged and 100 of them are of critical importance for transport within the country. That is the main task of the Ministry of Infrastructure to be able to work on the rapid recovery and reconstruction, ”he added.

During the Summit, Brazil and Costa Rica joined the International Transport Forum as the organization’s 65th and 66th member countries.

The Council of Transport Ministers voted in favor of admitting both Latin American nations from May 24. The Minister of Transportation of Brazil, Renan Filho, and the Vice Minister of Transportation and Public Works of Costa Rica, Efraím Zeledón Leiva, attended.


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