Interior Minister affirms police will earn RD $ 20,000 from 2022

The Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesús Vásquez, announced that Starting next year, the minimum salary for a police officer will be RD $ 20,000.

He added that the police they will also have other benefits, such as food wherever they provide services and loans for different activities, among others.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Police, Major General Eduardo Alberto Then, promised to continue arresting private land invaders and the state, as well as horse and cow thieves.

Both officials participated in a lunch with members of the Association of Landowners and Farmers (ADHA).

The activity was headed by the president of the ADHA, Ulises de Beras, the other directors of that entity and representatives of other institutions of the agricultural sector, such as the Dominican Agribusiness Board (JAD), among others.

The official also affirmed that the police career must be dignified, better preparing that man or woman, through training.

Minister Vásquez stated that the Police is law and order, in which there are three things to be taken out of that institution: corruption; The Police have to divide the areas into quadrants so that the residents there know them and there is trust between the police and the citizens, and the police transformation.

He said that a alliance between agricultural producers and the National Police for better performance. He added that we need your support so that there is more harmony in the country.

Meanwhile, the director of the Police promised to the landowners and ranchers to continue working to comply with the Constitution and the laws so that we can live with peace of mind.

Alberto Then indicated that the Police will continue acting against violators of the law, such as invaders of private or state lands, as well as against rustlers and bring them to justice.

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The president of the ADHA welcomed the attendees to the lunch of that entity. He pondered the presence of Minister Vásquez and Major General Alberto Then.

He said that Vásquez is an agricultural producer for many years and an official concerned about the tranquility of the country, and the director of the Poilicía indicated that he is a straight man in compliance with the law and that things are done well.

Some directors of the ADHA took the floor to make complaints, suggestions and proposals.

Ricardo Barceló asked the government to take actions against land invaders of the State Sugar Council (CEA) in the eastern region of the country.

He pointed out that specifically in Hato Mayor, illegal occupations of State land by organized gangs known to everyone in the area.
He expressed that when the State lands are finished, the invaders will then occupy the private farms and lots.

The executive president of the JAD, Osmar Benitez, informed the director of the National Police that this institution is going to donate 20 motorcycles for the cops.

Benítez urged the representatives of the other agricultural organizations present at the ADHA lunch to collaborate with the Police, donating some equipment, such as vehicles, motorcycles and others.

Alexis Alonso denounced that the theft of cows and horses still in the war zone. He asked Major General Alberto Then to put into action the arrest of these thieves.

He said that recent rustlers they stole cows and nine horses, which they butchered to sell the meat for human consumption. He complained that when the police arrest these thieves, the prosecutors release them.

Also present at the ADHA lunch are Maité Mallén, Marcelino Vargas, Darío, Jonathan Rivera, Miguel Eneas Savaiñón, Eduardo Vásquez, Iván Tió Pimentel, Pablo Contreras and Pedro Santana


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