Interesting facts about the world’s youngest writer

In the world, you must have seen many world records being made which would have surprised you. One such record has been set by 4-year-old Saeed from UAE.

According to foreign media, the name of 4-year-old child Saeed Al-Mehiri, a resident of the United Arab Emirates, was included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest writer. Saeed Al-Mehiri has received the honor of being the world’s youngest munsif at the international level for writing a book in Arabic, Al-Fail Saeed Wal-Dab (The Happy Elephant and the Bear).

But you will be more surprised to know that earlier the title of the world’s youngest author was also held by the same family and Saeed’s elder sister Zabi Al Mehiri wrote a book at the age of 7 and got her name in the Guinness Book of World Records. I had registered.

Zabi Al-Mahiri wrote his first book titled ‘Kanta Ladi Fikra’ (I had a thought) which sold more than a thousand copies.

Zabi says in this regard that he has shed light on the relationship he developed with his mother and his family in the said book. He does this by recounting the family’s trip to visit Grandma.

Al-Dhabi wants to become an astronaut and a scientist in the future and she wishes to do significant work in the space world and bring the truth of the red sign of Jupiter to the world.

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