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Interest Rate Rises, Possible Food Shortage, Bitcoin & More in a New Madelon Talk!

Interest Rate Rises, Possible Food Shortage, Bitcoin & More in a New Madelon Talk!

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced a few days ago that interest rates will indeed go up. The consequences of these interest rate hikes could be enormous for the global economy. The crypto market will also feel the effects of this. In addition, the war in Ukraine seems likely to cause a major food shortage elsewhere in the world. Food will play a major and important role in our economy in the near future. There is a good chance that there will be scarcity!

The housing market also seems to be cooling off again after a long period of soaring prices. In the United States, the number of mortgage applications per week has already decreased by about 65%! Analysts therefore state that the US central bank can already say goodbye to the housing market.

Of course, the rate of bitcoin (BTC) has slumped quite a bit over the past few days. With her technical analysis, Madelon shows how the situation is now and whether investors should really start worrying. You can see this and more in the latest episode of Madelon Praat.

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Of course it is very nice that Madelon Vos represents the crypto community at the Televizier-Ster competition. If Madelon is eventually nominated, her series Madelon Navigeert will be the first economic YouTube series with such a nomination!

You can vote for Madelon Navigate via the website of Televizier.nl

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Recently, the Madelon’s MoneyTalks Community! In this online community you can ask questions and share knowledge! Madelon also makes technical analyzes on request, Q&A sessions are organized in which live questions can be asked. If you make your own analyses, the experts in the community can take a look for you!

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